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Azalea Foods

Azalea Foods aims to bring you the most authentic, unrivalled choice and variety of Halal fast foods available today!  We offers you a large variety of food items for you to choose as per the taste buds of yours. The range covers mainly the pies, pastries, kebabs, samosas, spring rolls and burgers. There are more verities and we too have many varieties for vegetarians as well. We welcome you all to have a bite, and feel the difference of a high quality foods of "Azalea Foods".








Meat and Potato
Cheese and Onion
Meat and Onion
Chicken and Mushroom
Steak and Kidney
Butter Pies
Balti Pies


Cheese and Onion
Chicken Tikka


Meat Kebabs
Chicken Kebabs



Spring Rolls




Meat Samosas
Chicken Samosas
Vegetable Samosas


Meat Rolls
Chicken Rolls
Vegetable Rolls


Meat Burgers
Chicken Burgers
Vegetable Burgers

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